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Get the latest version of Lark Player, a free music player app for listening to music offline.
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Support Android 4.4 and higher
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Features in Lark Player

Play music & video offline

Play music & video offline

Listen to music and watch videos on your Android wherever you are. Easily share your favorite songs with your friends.
Sync lyrics with dynamic background

Sync lyrics with dynamic background

Enjoy your music offline with time-synced lyrics and beautifully animated backgrounds in Lark Player!
Tag MP3s & edit metadata

Tag MP3s & edit metadata

Automatically and manually add, edit or change the music metadata including name, album, artist, and cover image.
Easy-to-use music equalizer

Easy-to-use music equalizer

Customize music for your favorite genres. Boost bass, improve virtualizer effect, create sound effect, and more.

What our users say

One of the best mp3 player I have ever downloaded, way better than those apps I used decades ago.I really like the customization very much, too.
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April 19, 2022
I can listen to music offline. I can add any lyrics without having a problem. I can add albums of my own. I really appreciate your work and like that music player app.
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Malak Nabil
February 10, 2022
This music player app is very useful and easy to use. It has sleep timer, theme and even editable lyris options. The most important thing is it's free.
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January 30, 2022
Really a good app. Does its job. Easy to create playlists. Perfect companion now doubling up as my i pod... No wi fi needed for the runs, workouts, walking, cycling... I love it. Ra5.
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Rajeshh K Kapoor
January 13, 2022
"I just wish we could download lyric text for later offline use..." I wrote the above comment about a year ago and today I noticed that the app automatically downloads the lyrics and saves it for later offline use. Could I be more happier?
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Amin Forouzan
January 29, 2022


Is Lark Player free?

Lark Player is a 100% free application for Android. You can get access to all features of Lark Player for free!

Is Lark Player safe to use?

Yes, Lark Player app is a 100% secure application that would not harm your device in any way.

Can I install an older version of Lark Player?

Yes, you can download the APK file of the older version from Uptodown or Apkpure. From Google Play or the official site, you will always get the latest version.