Top 10 Offline Music Players for Android in 2023

Last Updated on Mar 08, 2023

With the rise of music streaming services, offline music players for Android devices have become increasingly popular. The reason behind it may be not all users have access to a reliable internet connection, and some might not want to waste mobile data to stream the same music again and again. Having an offline music player installed on your Android device can give you the ability to play music without an internet connection, and access your music library at any time.

If you’re an Android user and are looking for a great offline music player, you’re in luck. There are many excellent options available in the Google Play Store that have unique features and capabilities. In this comprehensive guide, we will guide you through the best offline music app for Android. Simply choose one of these players by briefing through its features that suit your preference. 

Top 10 Offline Music Players for Android

1. Lark Player

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Lark Player is a free and versatile multimedia player for Android devices. The multimedia player means that Lark Player does not only support music playing but simultaneously can work as a video player. It can play files from both local storage files or online music streaming platforms like YouTube. Additionally, some of its key features are:

  • Built-in equalizer
  • Various playback modes, such as shuffle and repeat
  • Various presets for theme changing
  • Attractive and friendly user interface
  • Various file formats supported
  • Sleep timer
  • Floating player
  • Lyrics in the background

Price: 100% free (with ads)

Google Play Store Link:

2. Poweramp

best open source music player android

Another best offline music player app for Android is Poweramp. It is known for its advanced audio settings, which provide high-quality sound and a customizable listening experience. Its feature-rich benefits include:

  • A variety of file formats are supported, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, and more
  • Gapless playback for a seamless listening
  • Various playback options
  • Configurable lock screen
  • Sleep timer
  • Customizable interface 
  • Support audio streaming from online sources, e.g. Qobux, Deezer, Tidal

Price: Free for the first 15 days trial; One-time purchase $4.99

Google Play Store Link:

3. Pulsar

offline music app for android

As one of the best offline music players for Android, Pulsar Music Player supports extensive audio file formats for free without ads. It also has a customizable user interface as well as a powerful equalizer. Specifically, here are some of its key features:

  • Manage and play music by categories
  • Smart playlist such as most played recently played, and recently added songs
  • Edit ID3 tags
  • Lyrics display
  • Gapless playback support
  • Chromecast support
  • Sleep timer
  • Quick search

Price: Free with limited features; One-time purchase $2.99

Google Play Store Link:

4. BlackPlayer

best offline music app for android

If you’re a fan of a dark theme music player, then BlackPlayer may be your best choice. This music app is designed with a minimalist dark theme that supports almost all major audio formats. Not only that but it is also equipped with the following features:

  • Customizable user interface
  • 5-band equalizer
  • Gapless Playback
  • Crossfade
  • Metadata editor
  • Lyrics displayed
  • Bass boost
  • Virtualizer
  • Sleep timer

Price: Free with limited features; One-time purchase $4.99

Google Play Store Link:

5. Musicolet

best android app for offline music

Musicolet is a perfect and excellent lightweight audio player that doesn’t take up much space on your device. Moreover, it is completely free and able to play all local audio files that are stored on your device. Some of its other features include:

  • Ad-free
  • Powerful equalizer and audio effects
  • Folder browsing
  • Multiple queue management
  • Sleep timer
  • Personalized playlist

Price: Free without ads

Google Play Store Link:

6. N7player

offline music player for android

N7player is a music player that offers a number of features and customization options. With support for extensive audio formats like MP3, FLAC, ACC, etc. n7player provides the flexibility to listen to your favorite music along with these features:

  • Unique interface with “tag cloud” feature
  • Powerful 10-band equalizer 
  • Built-in tag editor
  • Support for gapless playback
  • Customize theme 

Price: Free with ads; One-time purchase $3.49

Google Play Store Link:

7. jetAudio HD

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As it sounds, jetAudio HD is equipped with a high-quality audio player that delivers crystal-clear audio output. It has a variety of features and customization options, for instance:

  • 32-bit high-quality sound 
  • Customization options galore, e.g. sound quality settings like bass and treble; appearance changing; etc.
  • Powerful equalizer with various presets
  • Crossfade feature 
  • Built-in tag editor
  • Playlist manager
  • Lock screen controls and notification panel

Price: Free with ads; One-time purchase $3.49

Google Play Store Link:

8. PlayerPro

best offline audio player for android

PlayerPro is a music player app for Android devices that offers a range of features, including:

  • A 10-band graphic equalizer
  • Crossfade and gapless playback
  • Support various audio formats, including MP3, FLAC, and WMA
  • Customizable interface with various skins
  • Customizable lock screen with album and playback controls
  • Advanced playback options, e.g. speed control
  • Create and edit playlists
  • Various audio effects such as reverb, bass boost, and virtualizer
  • Supports audio content streaming via various services, e.g.
  • Podcast supported

Price: Free; One-time purchase $4.99

Google Play Store Link:


best offline music player for android without ads

AIMP Music Player is a lightweight and powerful offline music player that supports all major audio file formats and other features, such as:

  • Customizable user interface
  • Customizable playlist
  • 18-band graphic equalizer
  • Advanced playback options, i.e. gapless playback, crossfade, and lyrics support
  • Internet radio support
  • High-quality audio lossless

Price: Free

Google Play Store Link:

10. Shuttle+

best offline audio player for android

Shuttle Music Player is a simple and lightweight offline music player for Android. It is a highly customizable app that allows you to adjust both the user interface and audio output. Specifically, here are a few of its advanced features:

  • Support almost all audio file formats
  • Lock screen and widget control
  • Edit album art
  • Smooth playback and crossfade
  • Lyrics support
  • 6-band equalizer
  • Sleep Timer

Price: One-time purchase of $2.49

Google Play Store Link:


So these are the best Android app for offline music for you to choose from. If you’re still confused, we highly recommend you start thinking about what kind of features you need the most. For instance, some people regard free of charge as the most important feature to look for in an offline music player, while some regard the hi-res sound quality as the most important one. If you’re the former one, then Lark Player may suit you best as this music player is packed with features but still free. 

Try out one of these top 10 offline music player apps now!


1. What is the offline music player for Android without ads?

There are several options for these types of players, some of the best ones are BlackPlayer and Pulsar Music Player. 

2. How do I manage my offline music library using an Android music player?

There are two options to manage your music library. The first one is by using your device’s default music player, the second one is by using a third-party music player (e.g. Lark Player) to manage them. 

3. Are there any offline music players for Android with equalizer and sound enhancement features?

Yes, one of the best offline music players for Android with advanced sound features is Lark Player. This music player is equipped with a 10-band equalizer and various audio effect control, i.e. reverb, bass boost, treble, etc.

4. Can I download lyrics and album art using an offline music player for Android?

It depends on the music player you are using. This is why choosing a great offline music player is an essential part. In order to download lyrics and album art offline, you will have to choose a player that can edit metadata and supports lyrics displayed.

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